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“Druminyasa is about enhancing the energetic experience” says Brad. “What I play is informed by the energy of the room.” Each class Brad plays is improvised, and many times, he is playing with a teacher he’s never worked with, so the practice requires a great deal of trust. However, Brad possesses an innate sensitivity to energy, which allows him to act simultaneously as both a reader of the room and a guide. It doesn’t hurt that he is a yoga teacher himself. “I have a good understanding of the yoga practice, so musically I have a good sense for what’s coming up,” he says. “I’ve often had teachers say, ‘Brad gets it.’”

The Rileybirds

New Orleans-based husband-and-wife duo, Rachael and Joshua Riley play songs from the heart, born of the stillness and sacred love within. Their message is simple… “Relax, be loving.” Ranging from ancient mantras to conscious pop, their music draws inspiration from yoga and meditation. Their songwriting explores what it means to live honestly and deeply vulnerable, in order to realize Truth and be unconditional love.

Nicole Peltier

This class puts familiar yoga poses to the beat of rock, hip-hop and pop music, which takes the practice to whole different level of creativity and rhythm. It is also fun and athletic! No dance experience necessary, but if you can bust some moves, this is your class to shine in. Your learning mind gets to take a break from the ″study″ of yoga and just let go into the flow of the body, heart and music. This can be a very physical class, so come prepared to sweat or you can just come to groove. All levels welcome, even newbies.

Anton Mackey

Anton Mackey is a soulful vinyasa teacher who masterfully bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical, weaving his knowledge of anatomy with sacred wisdom into every practice. Anton’s heartfelt intention is to create space for growth and expansion while challenging the body & mind. Inspired by various yoga styles and multiple spiritual paths, Anton encourages students to tap into the energy of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine to make a deeper connection to their Soul and the Divine.

Rob Riccardo

Born and raised on the beaches of Long Island, New York, the foundation of the now Arizona-based songwriter′s music derives from the surf scene of his formative years on the East Coast. Shortly after picking up the guitar in high school on a bet from a friend, Riccardo discovered the acoustically driven melodies and socially conscious lyrics of artists like Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio and Ben Harper. These musicians, along with classic troubadours from his father′s record collection like James Taylor, would serve as the initial inspiration for writing his own songs. Following a long post-college musical hiatus, Riccardo moved from New York City to Arizona and, encouraged by his wife, started to take songwriting seriously for the first time. Armed with a unique blend of folk, rock and reggae infused with a heavy serving of conscious lyrics, Riccardo released his debut album, The Calm Within, in 2017. His highly anticipated sophomore LP, Seeker, dropped worldwide in September 2018.

Ally Ford

Join Ally Ford as she guides you through a powerful and playful Rocket Yoga practice with options for all levels. The Rocket is a creative vinyasa-flow sequence created by Larry Schultz of Its Yoga in San Francisco in the 1980s. Ally earned her first 200-hour yoga teacher certification with Larry in 2001. The sequence is inspired by postures from Ashtanga Yoga and takes you from from basic poses to more advanced options, like arm balances and inversions, with playful transitions at a flowing, steady pace. Infused with Ally′s personality, the class is fun while still remaining a moving, breathing meditation. Come take off with us... to the moon and back!