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“Druminyasa is about enhancing the energetic experience” says Brad. “What I play is informed by the energy of the room.” Each class Brad plays is improvised, and many times, he is playing with a teacher he’s never worked with, so the practice requires a great deal of trust. However, Brad possesses an innate sensitivity to energy, which allows him to act simultaneously as both a reader of the room and a guide. It doesn’t hurt that he is a yoga teacher himself. “I have a good understanding of the yoga practice, so musically I have a good sense for what’s coming up,” he says. “I’ve often had teachers say, ‘Brad gets it.’”

The Rileybirds

New Orleans-based husband-and-wife duo, Rachael and Joshua Riley play songs from the heart, born of the stillness and sacred love within. Their message is simple… “Relax, be loving.” Ranging from ancient mantras to conscious pop, their music draws inspiration from yoga and meditation. Their songwriting explores what it means to live honestly and deeply vulnerable, in order to realize Truth and be unconditional love.

Nicole Peltier

Nicole Peltier has been teaching her eclectic, musically motivated, creative yoga classes for 20 years to all ages and levels. Nicole, age 50, draws a lively following of teens and young people who are inspired by her young, fresh attitude and easy to follow instruction. Being “mature” also makes Nicole an ideal teacher who inspires students well over thirty to let down their hair and rock without reservation and with a focus on meditative moments that surround us. The Yoga Room, Nicole’s studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was the first studio in Tulsa that she opened in 2001. She been practicing and teaching there ever since. She has a wildly passionate heart and her energy is contagious. She is truly inspirational. She focuses on the energy yoga arouses when combined with music. Yoga, for Nicole, is feeling awake, excited and alive on the mat. Since Nicole’s discovery into her own recovery she developed her own ‘Raven Yoga from Freedom’, which addresses the issue of addiction and fear. Nicole studied at Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz in 2000, and has studies extensively with Tias Little, Shiva Raw and a local Iyengar instruction. Nicole has taught at Fayetteville Yoga Fest (4 years), Telluride Yoga Fest (2 years), Farm Fest (Shreveport)(2 years), OKC Yoga Fest, IAM Yoga Fest (4 years), and Big Om Yoga Fest (2 years).

Anton Mackey

Anton Mackey is a soulful vinyasa teacher who masterfully bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical, weaving his knowledge of anatomy with sacred wisdom into every practice. Anton’s heartfelt intention is to create space for growth and expansion while challenging the body & mind. Inspired by various yoga styles and multiple spiritual paths, Anton encourages students to tap into the energy of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine to make a deeper connection to their Soul and the Divine.

Rob Riccardo

Born and raised on the beaches of Long Island, New York, the foundation of the now Arizona-based songwriter’s music derives from the surf scene of his formative years on the East Coast. Shortly after picking up the guitar in high school on a bet from a friend, Riccardo discovered the acoustically driven melodies and socially conscious lyrics of artists like Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio and Ben Harper. These musicians, along with classic troubadours from his father’s record collection like James Taylor, would serve as the initial inspiration for writing his own songs. Following a long post-college musical hiatus, Riccardo moved from New York City to Arizona and, encouraged by his wife, started to take songwriting seriously for the first time. Armed with a unique blend of folk, rock and reggae infused with a heavy serving of conscious lyrics, Riccardo released his debut album, The Calm Within, in 2017. His highly anticipated sophomore LP, Seeker, dropped worldwide in September 2018.

Ada Loridans and Dominick Cole

After Dominick’s adventurous bicycle ride from Texas to California in 2013 he studied 900 hours of yoga teacher training here in Venice, CA. His practice has assisted him in breaking through barriers of stress and tension which has created the foundation of why he shares the practice today. He believes that yoga can create a platform for desired growth and through intention, conscious connection, and self compassion we can continue unfolding into our truest selves. Ada has a background in gymnastics, dance, and kung fu and has recently become a certified yoga instructor. Dominick and Ada have a personal partner practice together of acrobatics (Acroyoga), stretching, and inverted therapeutics. Through connection students learn how to integrate these skills into their everyday life, creating more mindful interactions with oneself and with others.

Brooke Conley

Brooke attended her first yoga class in 2001, where the sensation she experienced during savasana changed her life forever. She spent the next 16 years living in multiple cities across the country, practicing everything from Bikram to vinyasa. Brooke began a daily meditation practice in 2013 after her son was diagnosed with leukemia and she needed a healthy and effective coping mechanism. Once her son was in remission, she continued to find solace in both meditation and yoga.

Formally trained in 21 different meditation modalities, Brooke integrates multiple styles and lineages into her mindfulness/meditation classes. She carefully looks after the total well-being of each client by teaching to the many mental, physiological, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation. She is also a reiki practitioner and is proficient in chakra clearing, pranayama (breathwork). Brooke uses everything from mudra to sound healing to enhance each client’s session.

Brooke received her RYT-200 in 2017. For asana, she specializes in Yin yoga and appreciates witnessing the immediate results her students experience. Her vinyasa classes incorporate dynamic movement and sequencing while always maintaining focus on breath, energy and awareness.

Brooke encourages all of her students to practice mindfulness, non-resistance and self-love on the mat, so that they are more equipped to apply the tenets of yoga and meditation to their real-life experiences.