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“Druminyasa is about enhancing the energetic experience” says Brad. “What I play is informed by the energy of the room.” Each class Brad plays is improvised, and many times, he is playing with a teacher he’s never worked with, so the practice requires a great deal of trust. However, Brad possesses an innate sensitivity to energy, which allows him to act simultaneously as both a reader of the room and a guide. It doesn’t hurt that he is a yoga teacher himself. “I have a good understanding of the yoga practice, so musically I have a good sense for what’s coming up,” he says. “I’ve often had teachers say, ‘Brad gets it.’”

Drumming was the earliest form of tribal communication and has been used to celebrate significant ceremonial gatherings in many primitive cultures. The beat of the drums can be used to call in good energy, remove bad energy and put one’s mind, body and spirit in a hypnotic and meditative state. Feel the vibrations of the drums as you connect breath, heartbeat, mind & body to your practice. As featured by The Washington Times, CBS, and Washington’s WTOP news, Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa® has been playing drums and percussion for over 25 years. Brad is a yoga teacher and founded Druminyasa by connecting his love for rhythm, drums and movement.

The Rileybirds

New Orleans-based husband-and-wife duo, Rachael and Joshua Riley play songs from the heart, born of the stillness and sacred love within. Their message is simple… “Relax, be loving.” Ranging from ancient mantras to conscious pop, their music draws inspiration from yoga and meditation. Their songwriting explores what it means to live honestly and deeply vulnerable, in order to realize Truth and be unconditional love.

Bhakti Yin Flow

This class is designed on the principle s of Bhakti Yoga, offerings of love and devotion to the the Highest Self. As such, we will begin by grounding into or breath with meditation followed by gentle movements to increase our inner awareness. Moving with live music and mantras, we will focus on building core strength while remaining open, flexible, and joyful in love. As love moves full circle, when we give we receive, we will return to our breath, taking the benefits of this practice with us into our lives.

Rachael is a devoted student and yogini. She has completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification in 2014 with Lily Goncalves in Thailand. She has also completed 100-hours of Advanced YTT and an Level 1 Intensive Meditation training with her teachers in Bali, Indonesia in May 2018. Rachael has also received 36-hours of Prenatal Yoga training.

Rachael teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Meditation, Restorative and Pre-Natal yoga. She incorporates live music and mantra chanting while singing and playing the guitar, sound bowl and harmonium. For Rachael, yoga truly means union. “I believe that all moments of life, on and off the mat, are meant to bring us closer to the Divine.” She encourages students to challenge themselves at their own pace and find their own unique expression of the practice.

Rachael has also completed her Masters of Science in occupational therapy at LSUHSC-Shreveport and uses her knowledge of anatomy to combine the wisdom of east and west in order to bring balance to people’s life. She is honored and humbled to have the opportunity to empower others by strengthening their physical bodies and their inner awareness…one breath at a time.

Josh relates to Music as a spiritual experience; that which is unseen but felt, infinite and eternal. Josh studied percussion at Hendrix College, completing a double major in Music and Psychology. Furthering his education on Guitar with John Rankin and jazz drum set with Johnny Vidakovich, Josh obtained his Masters in Music Therapy from Loyola University in New Orleans. First working in the Baton Rouge General Hospital, Josh began offering Music to promote healing and deep, positive change by starting programs in the burn unit and COPD outpatient clinic, focusing on uniting breath and music. Josh spent the next 2 years working in hospice at Four Seasons in Asheville, NC offering Music to provide comfort and healing for patients and families during their final moments of life. He also conducted research on the positive effects of group drumming for adults with Dementia. Josh was blessed to complete an advanced 50-hour silent meditation retreat at Blooming Lotus in May 2018 with Lily Gonclaves and Ramananda Mayi in Bali, Indonesia. Josh offers sacred sound baths with his beloved wife Rachael, helping others access the peace that always lies within.